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So.... you may have heard all about this "boosshing" and people losing weight faster, so what is it?

  • Boossh is the modern day way to losing those pounds faster, no counselling, no complex plans or meetings and yes we are the company with the unique and different tasty Mealpaks.
  • No matter your lifestyle, or how much weight you have to lose, you can enjoy Boosshing.
  • You decide which way to Boossh by reading over our plans below.
  • You will replace most or all of your daily meals with nutritionally complete Boossh Mealpaks. 
  • This allows you to burn your fat stores, a natural process called dietary ketosis. You will be better nourished using Boossh Mealpaks than a conventional diet, where it can be difficult to receive 100% RDA whilst reducing your daily calorie intake. 
  • Select a way to Boossh that suits you and your lifestyle, each Boossh plan has a food, snack and free foods list. 
  • All our plans can be integrated and used as stepping stones so you gradually reduce your Mealpaks and add more conventional healthy foods. 
  • Reached your weight loss goals,  the 333 plan is your next step.
  • If you have diabetes, please select our 3 a day plan.
  • Boossh plans are healthy, provide fast weight loss, and have been put together by leading dieticians.

What makes Boossh different from the rest?


  • A new, exciting & sustainable way to following a VLCD plan
  • Boossh products are NOT available anywhere else.
  • They taste better, mix better and better for you!
  • Substantial range plan so you do not get bored.
  • Not just shakes, we have desserts, curries, pasta's, yoghurt Mealpaks, & full skinni 350g ready meals, along with
    many new innovative products you can now enjoy.
  • A healthy way to Boossh if you have type 2 diabetes.
  • No mattter which way you Boossh, there is a matching
    healthy food and snack list, based on low carbohydrate, low
    GI healthy foods from our senior team of dieticians.
  • Boossh is affordable.
  • Oozing amounts of Boossh support options. 
  • Change your thinking pack, to help you think better around food.
  • Boossh has made fast weight loss so much more achievable, sustainable and enjoyable.
  • Receive loyalty points every time you shop, making your next purchase even cheaper.
  • No compulsory counselling meetings.
  • Local agents/outlets/distributors available
  • Do not take our word for it, view our latest news area or chat to them directly at our busy Boossh Private Support Group.

Decide which way you want to Boossh...


    4 Mealpaks per day
    + 1 healthy snack

    For a fast weight loss blast

    From £5.28 per day

    3 Mealpaks per day
    + 1 small healthy meal
    + 2 healthy snack
    Suitable for
    Type 2 Diabetics

    From £3.96 per day

    2 Mealpaks per day
    + 2 small healthy meals
    + 2 healthy snacks

    The 50/50 option

    From £2.64 per day
    Casual or 5:2

    As many Mealpaks
    as you choose

    Do your own thing or
    Boossh for 2 days a week

    From £1.32 per day
    333 Healthy Eating

    Suitable for weight
    maintenance or as
    a low calorie weight loss plan

    One-off payment
    The Man Plan

    4-5 Mealpaks per day
    or add an extra portion
    of protein..

    From £1.32 per day
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