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Ask yourself this - can I do the following?

  • Consume 4 Boossh Mealpaks, any flavour, everyday
  • 1 snack per day from the allowed Boossh snack list
  • 8 large glasses of water
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Tablet sweeteners
  • Optional to have 5 mealpaks per day, or some protein from the Boossh 4 a day food lists.

If Yes, you will lose an amazing amount of weight.

This is what you will enjoy:-

  • A plan high in quality protein to retain muscle mass
  • Low GI carbs and fibre to fill you up
  • Eat regularly for sustained energy and less hunger
  • Allowed food and snack list to enjoy daily
  • Fast healthy weight loss which works
  • No calories to count or complex meals to make.
  • You can double whammy if you workout or find you are hungry at certain times of the day. 5 Mealpaks is allowed if you are a guy! (lucky you)
  • No forced group meetings and no more embarrassing weigh in meetings.

Man Facts

Obese men are two and half times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than their healthy weight counterparts. Medical Journal

Obese men are 70% less likely to have had more than one sexual partner in the last 12 months. Medical Journal.

Men are getting fatter between 1993 and 2008 the proportion of men with a BMI in the normal range decreased from 41% to 33%, while the proportion who were obese increased from 13% to 24%. This puts obese men only 1% behind obese women, and by 2015 - if current trends continue - men are predicted to overtake women and 36% will be obese. Being overweight is linked to a higher risk of many serious diseases.

Boossh is perfect for men!

No complex shopping lists and easy to follow! We recommend 4 paks a day, but please see the Man Plan notes in the food lists.

£46.20 per week or £36.96 as an offer bundle

"I just wanted a way to lose weight easily"
"I needed my diet to fit in around my busy lifestyle"
"I didn't want to worry about calorie counting or meetings"
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