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The Boossh Mission

We aim to bring all our customers the very best tasting and the most up to date products available in the marketplace today at affordable prices, along with outstanding support for all. The brand of Boossh and its product development is owned by Your Health Holdings.

Our Experience

Within the Company and through our mentors and supply partners we have access to extensive nutritional development combined with further in-house product development and food technology systems. We remain at the forefront of product development, thus bringing exciting new products to all those who are looking to lose weight. We are very food savvy, knowledgeable and "taste" matters to us here at Your Health Holdings

Our dietetic team are highly qualified with over 20 years in public and private service.  We have a marketing and business team with over 20 years experience within the weight loss marketplace.

Extensive Investment

We are investing in the long-term future of Boossh, with plans in place to further build our food technology and product development factory. By installing state-of-the-art packaging lines and electronic pick and pack operations, we aim to create many new local jobs and underpin the development of all our Boossh products in-house. Boossh is set to be a worldwide brand with expansion planned. We are always looking for key distributors to spearhead new country operations. 

The Boossh Brand

The Boossh brand brings something fresh and exciting to the weight loss marketplace, it is fun and engaging and there is something for everyone. We encourage our clients to get involved one way or another.

With emphasis upon direct delivery to your door, next day and free delivery, huge investment has been made in technology to support not only UK consumers but also worldwide ordering systems. You will also find many free client features that will assist you on your weight loss journey. Our systems will be forever in development, with constant improvements and additions being made to ensure we bring you the very best experience and support.

How you can get involved with Boossh

  • By being a client, using our products and enjoying losing weight.
  • Become a Boossh Mentor - part time or full time.
  • Retail Boossh, perfect additional income to compliment your existing business. 

Lifestyle Boossh

Above all, Boossh provides a very effective and safe way to lose weight. In today's modern world, everyone wants to achieve things fast and weight loss is no different. Taking the formulations of a quality very low calorie diet formula food, which means all our products are manufactured to a specific nutritionally complete formula, and combining this formula with a range of healthy low carbohydrate and low GI foods, means you can enjoy maximum weight loss results safely, and whilst reducing your calories, you are still receiving all the nutrition your body needs daily.

So you will be eating six times a day, consuming on average between 700-1200 kcal per day, (depending on your selected plan) and you will enjoy seeing maximum weight loss results.

Boossh supports Diabetes UK and we recommend the 3 Paks a day option if you have type 2 diabetes.

So join us now and start Boosshing!
Your Health Holdings Limited
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